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Directional Non-Force Technique® Method
of Chiropractic

What makes D.N.F.T. chiropractic services different?

Chiropractic has over the years taken many forms of application. D.N.F.T. chiropractic methodology employs a unique and sophisticated method of diagnosis. It allows the patient's body itself to indicate the precise location of nerve interference and the direction of misalignment of the structures involved. With such precise information, no more than a light force thumb thrust is required to realign the structures.

Dr. Doxas utilizes no hard thrusts to adjust the spine. An adjustment to the affected area of the spine can begin to restore full body function to the area while eliminating discomfort and pain. Patients appreciate the specificity and attention to detail which results in correction of their problems.

How many visits does it require to correct a chiropractic problem?

This will vary with each patient as a result of the nature of the problem, the patient's history, the extent of the involved areas of the spine, and other factors. On the average, a given area (such as neck or low back) may take two to nine treatments to achieve relief of symptoms. A complicated case might take ten to fifteen or more adjustments. Whatever the situation, Dr. Doxas has the clear intention to handle all chiropractic structural problems with the fewest number of visits.

What causes misalignments in the spine?

The most common cause is trauma. Trauma may take different forms including repetitive tasks, and even a relatively light pressure on a specific point over a period of time. For example, tilting the head backwards over the lip of a hairdresser's shampoo basin often causes neck problems. Stress may accentuate or exaggerate the effect of misalignments, which are already present. Patients who receive a D.N.F.T. chiropractic treatment while under emotional or work-related pressure report an increased ability to handle stress in general.

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In addition to contributing to a healthier lifestyle, chiropractic helps athletic performance and improves recuperative ability from injuries. It aids children in their development and improves the quality of life for the elderly.

We recommend and perform evaluations for exercise, sports/athletics, or recreational activities.

When necessary, we enhance chiropractic care with exercise plans, nutrition and stress management. It is a well-rounded, caring and comprehensive approach to establishing and maintaining good health.

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